The Official 22 WOD To Prevent Veteran Suicide

The Cause

All funds raised from the 22 WOD will be split between the ‘Standing Guard’ Service Animal Support Program and the Honor & Courage Program through Operation Ward 57.  Operation Ward 57 is a 501(c) 3 Non Profit, Federal Tax ID 61-1521946. For more info go to or Facebook:


Mission: Provide financial and material support for veterans and their service dog in order to help restore their physical and emotional independence. Services include assisting with covering costs of vests, food, training, transportation, vet bills, etc. This program also partners with several non-governmental agencies to help find and place disabled veterans with service animals.





One of the main goals of Operation Ward 57 has been to provide continued support to our Heroes recovering in the hospital as well as continue that support once they leave and go home for as long as they and their families need us.  We also want to continue to give our Heroes a “sense of purpose” and “we still need you” mentality. Our role has been to provide additional support through advocacy, education and promotion of their circumstances.

In order for us to be able to meet this need more effectively we have formed a team of volunteer wounded Heroes to serve as caseworkers/mentors to offer much needed support, compassion and motivation to those who are currently struggling with their injuries both seen and unseen.  This support is open to all eras of veterans. These wounded Heroes have healed from their own difficult injuries and have learned to cope with issues like PTSD, TBI, medical issues and more and can provide peer support and guidance to those who need it.

Additionally, the program provides small grants to those needing temporary financial assistance.  Many times our wounded soldiers enter a period of transition as they move from active duty to civilian life. As much as our government tries hard to take care of them, many experience struggles during the transition and find themselves unable to adapt and with financial troubles. Additionally, many times mothers, fathers, husbands, wives become caregivers to our wounded heroes and are forced to leave their jobs. Temporary and emergency financial aid is needed to pay bills including mortgage, rent, utilities, food and home and vehicle disability retrofits.

Goals for this program are:

Wounded Hero Mentors & Case Management
Crisis Management & Suicide Prevention
Wounded Hero Motivational Speakers
Youth Motivational Speakers
Advocacy & Education
Small Grants

If you are a Veteran, service member, family member or caregiver and/or a Law Enforcement or First Responder and are struggling or just need someone to talk to our phone line is available 24/7 at


Don’t take our word for it – read some of the testimonials of Veterans we have served HERE

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