The Official 22 WOD To Prevent Veteran Suicide


Mellody and SD Molly
"I've spent my whole adult life sacrificing for people I will never meet, but words can never convey the amount of appreciation, gratitude, and personal joy I have now because someone was willing to do the same for me. Thank you Operation Ward 57 for all you have done and continue to do!"

Mellody & SD Molly

sam"I had found myself between a rock and a hard spot, my funds were extremely low, I had just got a roof over my head after being homeless and my only concern in life was that my Service Dog Seattle was okay. She was having some medical issues and had ran out of her heartworm meds and flea medication. I didn't know what to do. As a service dog team she can't be sick or have medical issues that prevent her from working. She saved my life and is my reason for getting up everyday and not isolating or hiding behind the door of my house. So I had reached out to everyone I knew because I couldn't afford to see a Vet. Operation Ward 57 stepped up big time and quick, within hours I was in the veterinarian's office and having Seattle looked at. Not only did Ward 57 cover the cost of Seattle's medical bills but they got us the only flea medication she can have. They went above and beyond what was even needed, they made it so as a Service Dog Team we can continue to operate."

Sam V.C. & SD Seattle

"One of the best ways I can describe  what  Heather does is this.... You(the one that's suffering internally/externally) are having the worst day, nothing is going right, you feel like the world is against you, you are feeling like you have no purpose, you have survivors guilt, you are dealing with an overwhelming personal battle within yourself... and you feel completely  defeated on all levels.... home, life, love, work etc. you have decided that you've hit your limit, and that going on is harder then facing the demons... (inner/outer) you "drive" to that "cliff "  wherever it may be (whether it be an actual place or just a very dark emotional place) .. and you take a "breath" and you feel tears streaming down your face and think to yourself one last time.... is there ANYONE else I can turn to? Anyone who cares? Anyone  who will notice my absence? Anyone else who can give me guidance? And then... clear as day.... you think to yourself....  "I should call Heather" And as always...  HEATHER is your saving grace. She is the one who reminds you of who and what you are living for. She reminds you that you are not the only one who has felt this way, and that reaching out is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your family and friends... She reminds you of why you shouldn't even  be on that "cliff" in the first place.... that your mission in this world isn't done. You take THAT long sigh of relief... and think to yourself... Heather is right... I am a fighter... I am in control.. I can do this... I will NOT be a statistic. You find yourself crying again... but this time it's because you made the "call" that just saved your life" and Heather helped you every step of the way. No matter how many times you call or reach out to her... she always finishes the conversation  with this message..."I'm  glad you called, reach out to me ANY time day or night... my phone is always on.. I am here for you and always will be. You are NOT alone." After the conversation with Heather you think to yourself... I will not give up....I will instead share my story and give others hope.  I will breathe another breath, feel my pulse again,  and see another day.... Heather is a saint... and a life saver."


ian"I was wounded by an enemy hand grenade in Baghdad Iraq in late 2006, during the attack one of my soldiers gave his life to protect our team and died in my arms. I have lived with PTSD for over 8 years now, night terrors, cold sweats, sleep-loss, fear of large crowd/cities/places, certain sounds or smells trigger a deep pain, anger, depression and many other painful symptoms. There have been highs and lows but with a heightened sense of awareness the lows are very low, Depression and anger can lead to thoughts of death and suicide. Over the past 8 years I have learned many tricks to identifying my triggers and learned many copping skills, but I have also had relapse’s that have set me back years.  One of my largest breakthroughs has come by allowing certain people into my life that care and listen when I’m hurt, this is how I met Heather Sliwinsky, she has been there for me through many bad years and good ones as well. Its people like Heather that are saving lives behind the scenes so to speak. There has been several time Heather has saved my life just by caring about me and she probably had no idea that I was torn apart inside, other times she most certainly knew I was in bad shape. When a warrior is hurt inside he doesn’t always show it and usually doesn’t ask for help, but listening to us talk over the phone at 2 am, or calling just to say hello Heather finds a way to reach us and show us how huge her heart is. I will have many more struggles and many dark times ahead but knowing that I have heather in my life I know I will make it through! "

I. Newland

"I just want to say how grateful I am of this Non-profit program for helping my husband and I this month. They were able to send us a grant to pay for our child's daycare costs. My husband is currently being treated for his PTSD away from home and its been difficult for me to handle everything all on my own. From the bottom of my heart I want to say thank you and GOD BLESS."

Wife of Veteran

rebeccaservocedog"Operation Ward 57 was a life saver!! I had to fly to Texas from Washington to pick up my service dog and Operation Ward 57 took care of the rental car. The organization I had to get to was 2 hours from the airport and pretty much anything else... so it was a huge relief. Cannot say enough good things about them!!!"

R. Felkey & SD Nigel

bittner annie"No one has been more available to veterans than those involved with Operation Ward 57. This is the kind of organization that veterans need!"

J. Bittner & SD Annie

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